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Fashion Oops:

Do you suffer from plumber’s crack or muffin top? From Miss Oops, JAKs is a lycra/nylon garment worn underneath the shirt and over the jeans to give a layered effect without the bulkiness of a camisole, covering your bum and enhancing your figure. Or wear JAKs as a swimsuit cover-up. Either way, Miss Oops and JAKs have you covered!

Need a work-friendly, cleavage cover-up solution for your favorite v-neck blouse? Try the “Boob Tube,” a modern, versatile fabric that turns any low-rise chemise into a modest look. Simply remove the Boob Tube and you have sleek, evening attire for happy hour.

Or try Chicken Cutlets, Miss Oops Show Stoppers, Mishap Tape, and the Rescue Sponge for a comprehensive combat against fashion oops!

Beauty Oops:

Who enjoys greasy lotions that claim to hydrate your dry, cracked heels and leave you with dirt and dust stuck to the bottoms of your feet? Miss Oops has developed a non-greasy cream called “Pedicure in a Bottle” exclusively for her customers that leaves feet smooth and sandal ready in only six days!

Check out our other beauty products that Block, Extend, Butter, and Moisturize at Miss Oops Beauty Oops.

Maternity Oops:

Are you pregnant or nursing? Are you tired of embarrassing milk stains and bulky store-brand pads that don’t deliver? Miss Oops Milk Proof stops wet spots on your tops!

Don’t checkout without the Popper Stopper, a Miss Oops’ solution that stops that annoying ‘pop’ of the pregnant bellybutton! The Popper Stopper is a medical grade adhesive that prevents the ‘pop’ being seen in your favorite dress!

Products designed for women, by women!

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