How Long Does It Take to Cook Kleenex?
Friday, August 12, 2011

There are some “oops” moments where the solution isn't that obvious.  Here’s one example:  My sister-in-law is opening her own psychology practice.  She is a single parent (ex-husband lives in another state), building her business, and raising two amazing little boys (aka my sweet nephews) all on her own.  Her kids, Aidan and Declan, are spirited, to say the least.  When they get together with their cousins, Jack and Sam, its wheels off!  Well the other day, Shannon (my sister-in-law) takes her youngest son, Declan (7 years old) to work with her because he’s not feeling well.  Shannon is working with a patient and has Declan hanging out in a make-shift playroom.  While she’s in her session, she hears the microwave door in the break room opening and closing.  Being highly educated with a Masters in psychology, she quickly deducts that Declan has most likely left his playroom and made his way into the kitchen where he is now entertaining himself and annoying his mother by playing with the microwave.  Shannon, being the professional she is, did not let this distraction take away her attention from her patient.  And then……a few moments later….she smells something burning.  She opens her office door and the entire break room and the halls are filled with smoke!  The fire alarm is going off and Shannon is frantically searching for Declan.  She grabs him and everyone in the building is forced outside while the fire department investigates the scene.  Turns out Declan is a little Firestarter (a nod there to Drew Barrymore).  He had put a box of Kleenex…the entire box….in the microwave to see what happens when you cook tissue for 5 minutes.  Apparently it catches on fire.  Bottom line here is don’t cook your Kleenex in the microwave.  Shannon was, as you might imagine, a bit frustrated with young Declan.  I told her my solution to a day like that is to call it a day, go home, have a nice glass of wine, and start over tomorrow.  Shannon doesn't drink so that wasn't an option.  I was fresh out of ideas because that’s my solution to all these types of problems.  Instead, she went home, chilled out, her amazing mother came in town to help, and now, 24 hours later, she can almost giggle about what happened.  All she needed as her solution was little time to decompress J.

Shannon commented on 13-Aug-2011 10:32 AM
Well, as the proud mother of my mad scientist son, Declan, I wanted to add that he was born on the 4th of July. Any indication of what our lives have been like & will be like? He commented to me that the kleenex took 4 times to cook to answer the title
of this blog. I want to thank the fire department for talking to my son gently & educating him. Well, to my new office tennants, "Hi, my name is Shannon". Thanks Jen fo helping me smile & being the best "Aunt Jenny". We love you. When do you want them over
again? Declan cooks great microwave dinners ;-).

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