Is Your Hide Fried?
Monday, May 09, 2011



It ain’t pretty.  And that’s the upside of sun damaged skin.  Skin cancer of course is the more serious situation.  I’m fair-skinned…the sun does not like me.  I was in Florida at Rosemary Beach over Spring Break and one of my best friends referred to me as “Powder.”  You get the idea.  Sunscreen is an absolute must for me.  But so are moisturizers, serums, etc.  It can be time consuming and costly by the time all necessary applications have been applied and absorbed before putting on makeup.  Because of this, try to find combo products (such as Headshot at that address both moisturizing and sun protection in one product.  Often times, women aren't sure which comes first...the moisturizer or the sunscreen?  The sunscreen or the serum?  Check out this link for more tips on when to apply which product:





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