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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Plump Up the Volume, Plump Up the Volume, Plump Up the Volume, dance, dance!  Twenty-dollars to the first person who can tell me what song I'm referring to!  In the meantime, the product I'm referring to is Miss Oops' Plump Up the Volume Collagen Serum (third product from the left).  This new beauty solution product is one of four new items we are bringing to you this month!  Plump Up the Volume is a collagen serum that helps produce and maintain the key ingredient that gives us chubby cheeks and prevents the "hollow" appearance often seen as we age.  Also new to our beauty arsenal, If I Could Turn Back Time--a UV repair cream that works miracles!  Formulated with a slight yellow-ish tint, this cream helps repair sun damaged skin and is perfect for the neck, chest, arms and legs.  Next up, Reign in Rosacea.  There is no other serum like this on the market.  This product was formulated with actual customers who experience rosacea.  The treatment serum fights and controls the redness and is especially formulated with an epidermal growth factor.  And finally in our new line up, You're So Not Vein.  This is the go-to product for women who suffer from spider veins.  The tinted-moisturizer helps promote circulation and in general good capillary health.  It's formulated to help blend in, therefore masking the appearance of broken capillaries (aka spider veins).  We'll keep you updated as we bring these to market...they will be available via exclusively.  Be sure and check it out while we offer special pricing for the first week!

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