Sam Visits the Local Jail and Shares Story with Classmates
Sunday, October 30, 2011

My son, Sam, thinks I should start an Oops! line for kids.  His examples were, “Oops!  I forgot my homework.”  “Oops!  I was talking in class,” and “Oops!  I forgot to bring back my green folder.”  Moments later he handed me a note from the teacher that I needed to sign because he in fact, had performed the above “oops!”  I was a bit irritated.  But then he told me he had the best “Tell Not Show” story last week!  Everyone loved it.  I asked him to share it with me.  He told his classmates and school teacher about his trip to the local jail.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  Going forward, I will change some minor details so as to not embarrass anyone.  But what actually happened is completely true.  Sam and a buddy of his were being watched by a babysitter who my ex-husband and I know very well.  Apparently, a relative of the babysitter had been put in jail awaiting a trial date.  She had been involved in a car accident that was believed to be her fault.  The babysitter got a call that she had a chance to go visit her relative in jail.  What to do? What to do?  Should she a.)  reschedule the visit,  b.) call the parents of the children and let them know what the situation is or c.)  take the children with her to visit the relative in jail.  She chose option “c.”   Perhaps she thought she was doing this in their best interest?  A field trip of some sort.  Teaching the children what happens when you don’t follow the rules in life.  Sam said “it was kind of scary but she (the prisoner) seemed pretty happy given her situation.”  I can’t tell you how relieved I was to hear that.  Brendan (my ex) and I discussed this and decided it was not in Sam’s best interest to visit the local jails.  We also informed the babysitter that this probably should have been obvious.  In hindsight, she agreed.  Sam said he ended his story by telling the class he hopes he never sees the inside of a jail house again.  Instead of clapping, the classmates and his teacher just stared at him in silence with their mouths open.  I could envision a scene from South Park. I’m sure my ex and I will be regarded as Parents of the Year. 


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