When Discretion is Advised...
Friday, July 08, 2011

The summer season is definitely a reason to perk up!  Schedules are less hectic, margaritas on the beach, everything seems just a bit more relaxed.  But possibly the “perk up” should be shown through our attitudes, not necessarily your attributes.  So if you want to wear that sassy halter top or strapless shirt and can’t wear it with a bra, reach for a pair of Show Stoppers.  Now I understand for some women, nipple exposure is not a problem.  Either it doesn't happen to them or they are fine with the look.  No problem.  But for those of us who feel discretion is advisable in these situations, Show Stoppers are reusable silicone nipple covers and they’ll cover the “percolation in your perks”, so to speak.  The edges of Show Stoppers are paper-thin so it won’t appear as if you’re wearing two discs underneath your blouse….which may be more disturbing than just plain ol’ nipple exposure.  So if in need, reach for this bosom buddy item at http://missoops.com/miss-oops/show-stoppers



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