The Worst Hair Mistakes I’ve Ever Made

Hair mistakes

Guest Blog: Katie Masters

Growing up I was blessed with magnificent curls – they were everywhere and they made my hair look thick, lustrous and…very curly!  While everyone commented on them and told me I had wonderful hair I secretly prayed for dead straight sleek hair.  I couldn’t style my curls, I didn’t know how to manage them, they weren’t the type of curls that sprang back into shape after a night’s sleep.  Instead I’d wake up with an unruly frizz and I had to wash and style my hair daily.  My curls were the bain of my life but looking back now, rather than embracing them, which I wish I did, I spent my life trying to straighten them out as soon as I discovered a hair dryer.

My late teens and twenties were littered with hair dryers and hair straighteners but I was most definitely over-zealous with use.  I would straighten my hair every single day and not just once, I would do it two or three times not considering the pressure I was putting on my tresses.  I used to yank a hairbrush through my wet hair, not thinking about the stress I would put my hair under. I’m sure I must have snapped my strong hair and with repeated use, strong hair becomes weakened.

I never used a good quality boar brush, whereas now I would only use a de-tangler and a proper vented wooden brush when I need to. When I was younger there wasn’t as much state-of-the-art technology and the only straighteners available were very damaging to hair.  I wish I had known just how damaging hair straighteners were with over use and not using the correct heat setting.  I always put my hair straighteners on high and never considered that I might get an equally straight and sleek look without such a hot temperature setting.  I also never used a heat protecting spray – I’m not sure they had those fifteen years ago and needless to say, after years of using hair straighteners without protection and colouring my hair, my locks started to look more frazzle than dazzle!

I soon realised I couldn’t keep attacking my hair without using decent quality styling products.  My long hair (which used to reach my bra strap) was cut short to just above my shoulders and I started afresh.  Rather than straightening my hair I started to use a hair styling brush which dried from damp and this restored my big, bouncy curls.  I purchased a good quality heat protecting spray which I now always use liberally before styling and I ditched my high street shampoo ad conditioners in favour of something professional and more expensive – I decided I couldn’t put a price on healthy hair.

Now, I only ever use sulphate free shampoo.  Sulphate builds up on the scalp and causes irritation; it can also lead to hair loss because it blocks the cuticle.  I switched to a milder shampoo for damaged hair and something suitable for coloured hair too.  I use argan oil treatments once a week and a very good conditioner.  I apply treatments regularly and wrap my hair in a towel for a good half an hour with the treatment if I have time.  This has definitely helped to restore softness and elasticity.

I’ve been doing the above for a couple of years and I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in my hair.  It’s no longer frazzled at the ends; it has grown way beyond my shoulders and looks much healthier.  I still use straighteners now and again but only with a heat protecting spray and on a low heat setting.  I also only own a professional set of straighteners made out of tourmaline (in my opinion the best you can buy) and these seem to protect my hair from very high heat while smoothing and hydrating.

So – don’t make my mistake, never over heat your hair and hold onto what you do have.  Hair should always be treated with the respect it deserves, be kind to it and it will be good to you in the long run.

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