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Pedicure in a Bottle

Pedicure in a Bottle

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Pedicure in a Bottle


Cracked heels?  Rough feet?  This is the product for you!  Apply twice a day until you can feel and see the difference - then once a day for maintenance. Ingredients include shea butter, glycolic acid, and lavender oil.

Named in Charla Krupp's book "How Not To Look Old" as one of her 150 Brilliant Buys. (pg 179)

This product was developed because of my feet.  They were so rough and cracked, I literally tore the heels out of my hosiery.  I soaked, pumiced, creamed, etc - and nothing worked.  I went to a well known cosmetic lab in Dallas and propped my foot up and told them I wanted something to fix this.  It had to be applied easily and absorb quickly.  I was the tester or more precisely my feet were the tester on the formulas.  When they formulated the one we have now - I knew this was the one.  Within a week my feet was nice and smooth.  Terry

Still made in Dallas, TX USA

Customers comment:  "Love it.  I've used this product for two years now.  I have given if for gifts.  It really work's, even my husband noticed it when I go searching for his warm feet with mine."

Customer Reviews:

Susan commented on 01-Jul-2014 03:18 PM5 out of 5 stars
I LOVE this product. It is amazing how soft my feet feel after only a couple of applications.
Anonymous commented on 16-Jun-2014 09:26 PM5 out of 5 stars
Have used this product for years. No more cracked heels, or rough calloused feeling feet. All nice & smooth. Applied after taking shower and dried off. Also helps keep my feet soft especially being stuck inside socks and tennis shoes all day.
sarah commented on 31-Dec-2013 10:29 AM5 out of 5 stars
Wonderful product!

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