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Rescue Sponge: deodorant removing sponge (single)

Rescue Sponge: deodorant removing sponge (single)

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Rescue Sponge: deodorant removing sponge (single)


Deodorant marks on your clothes? Make-up powder on your collar? No problem, you've got Miss Oops Rescue Sponges. No need to wet your clothes, just briskly rub the dry sponge against the offending mark and watch it disappear. The patent-pending sponge comes two to a pack and are reusable. Safe to use on all fabrics.

The Rescue Sponge, an inexpensive, oops-proofing tool, immediately removes deodorant marks and makeup stains from your favorite blouse. What’s worse than rushing into an important presentation with obvious deodorant streaks glistening across your clothes?  At Miss Oops, we understand that you want to be taken seriously!  That’s why we’ve developed the Rescue Sponge, our first Miss Oops product.

Rachel was the maid of honor in her best friend, Lauren’s, wedding.  In her rush to get ready, Rachel overlooked the powder that had drifted upon her beaded, lavender bridesmaid dress. Just before she was to walk down the aisle, Rachel noticed the disaster.  Lauren, always prepared, whipped out a Miss Oops Rescue Sponge and wiped the powder away, erasing it from the dress. Rachel is ever grateful for Lauren and her Miss Oops Rescue Sponge that saved the day! You never know when you may find yourself or your BFF walking about with makeup powder smeared across clothing. Be proactive, have the Rescue Sponge handy in your beauty blunder artillery!

 “I used to avoid buying black clothing because even the ultra clear deodorant showed up on my favorite black dress…but now I have the Miss Oops Rescue Sponge at hand.  No more avoidance for me.  Now, I buy what I like, knowing that Miss Oops has me covered!”


San Diego, CA

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