Can I Please Check Out of Heartbreak Hotel?
Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I got a funny email from a customer the other day about our “oops!” solution products.  She asked me what our solution was for heartbreak.  Seriously.  I told her I was fresh out of ideas for that one.  Then our office manager asked a really good question:  couldn’t scientists develop a pill that would help you  fall out of love with someone?  It seems possible.  There is medication to alter the mind so people don’t suffer from depression, memory loss, behavioral issues, etc.  It seems like it would only be a matter of time before we have Hope for Heartbreak 300 mg, available at our local pharmacies.  There have been a couple of times in my life where I probably would have or could have OD on something like that.  Is there anything worse than heartbreak?  Right now the only cure is time.  Ugh.  And who wants to wait for that?!?!  Not to sound like a dime-store psychologist but I guess it’s “time” that gives us perspective and hopefully wisdom so we don’t repeat the same mistakes.  But what if we did?  I mean every prescription has side effects.  What if HFH’s(Hope for Heartbreak) side effect is complete memory loss of that person?  Then we just keep repeating the mistake over and over and over again?  What a nightmare!  But then again it wouldn’t matter because we would just take HFH and then forget about it.  And then repeat the relationship.  My God, it would be like Groundhog Day, everyday.  Ok, after careful consideration, I’m going to stick with the old fashion medicine, “time.”  So that’s my solution for heartbreak:  just give it time.  It will pass. 

Yeah, They're Great For Covering My Nipples But What Else Can Show Stoppers Do For Me?
Monday, June 06, 2011
Do These Pants Make Me Look Fat?
Monday, June 06, 2011

I’ll be the first to admit I’m no fashion diva.  My wardrobe consists of black, white, and navy blue tops usually paired with jeans and flip flops.  However, I don’t think it takes a fashion diva to have basic fashion common sense.  This weekend I was reading in some of the fashion magazines about the latest rage with animal print pants.  Many of the experts in this area say not only is this the latest trend but also a slimming look for women of all shapes and sizes.  Hmmmmm.  I don’t know that I can agree with that.   Take a woman with a healthy derriere (for example, me).  Slap either solid black fabric on my rather large canvas OR leopard print fabric.  Which will be more flattering?  The fashionistas would say clearly the animal print covering my butt is the more slimming choice.  And honestly, is there is anything that says “I’m skinny!” like a big cheetah plastered across a bountiful booty?  Yet, I’m going to have to disagree with the experts and go with choice #1…solid black fabric.  Not that this is going to make my backend appear smaller, but at least it won’t draw attention to it either.  But that’s just my opinion.  If a woman with a large derriere feels confident with leopard print shining on her ace, then go for it! J   Btw, we do have leopard print Boob Tubes if you're that, I'll wear!

Annie Says "No!" to Animal Testing
Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Recently we've received several inquiries regarding animal testing on our beauty products.  As my mom told one customer, "the only animals we test on are ourselves."  That's not completely true...we do send out for third-party testing.  But we do not tests on animals.  Having said that, my dog Annie has been known to take it upon herself and test the products.  If you ever want to know how our foot cream, Pedicure In a Bottle tastes, ask Annie.  I caught her licking some from a sample bin I brought home.  Does Ridiculously Long Lashes make a good chew toy?  Glad you asked!  According to Annie, the product itself is a decent chew toy but the paper box it comes enclosed in is worthless.  It lasted maybe two seconds against Annie's teeth.  Her feedback has been insightful.  Tonight we're going to ask her to try on a Boob Tube and let us know what she thinks.  Stay tuned.   

Pat Benatar's Hit Me with Your HeadShot....or was that Best Shot?
Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There are some products that touch our hearts so much that the only way to express it is through song.  As you read the lyrics below, remember the music of Pat Benatar's Hit Me With Your Best Shot.  And here we go....

Well you’re a real tough cookie with a long history

Breaking little hearts since you were a teen

That’s O.K. but how do you do it??

You use HeadShot and get down to it

Hit me with your Headshot!

Why don’t you hit me with your Headshot!

Hit me with your HeadShot!

Fire away!


Now c’mon, c’mon baby, your skin is fair

But with HeadShot’s SPF you just don’t care

Collage and moisturizer

Sunscreen to boot

You couldn’t be any wiser


Hit me with your Headshot!

Why don’t you hit me with your Headshot!

Hit me with your HeadShot!

Fire away!


 (allow the interlude to play in your head during this part)


A face cream that is truly a 3-in-1

Moisturizes, collagen, protect from the sun

Instead of putting more creams in my beauty case

I just throw in HeadShot and call it a day


Hit me with your Headshot!

Why don’t you hit me with your Headshot!

Hit me with your HeadShot!

Fire away!


Thank you everyone!  You’ve been an amazing audience!  Check out HeadShot at and check out Friday’s webcam when we sing this to you LIVE!!...well, live-on-tape.  Goodnight Dallas!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Yesterday I went shopping…did some damage to my Amex.  It wasn’t pretty.  I’m a big fan of Ella Moss.  She always has fun, flirty tops and I needed to spruce up my summer wardrobe.  I really like the loose tanks that are so popular right now and there were several available by Ella Moss.  The one issue I have with these is you can see my bra straps on the side underneath my arms because the arm hole openings of these tops are so large.  It’s cool looking, and very refreshing.  Except until I move my arm a little and you get this big bra strap in your face.  How could I solve this problem?   Hmmmmmm.  I could go without a bra?  No, clearly that would not be an option following me nursing 2 babies years ago.  But I could wear a Boob Tube to cover the strap and still keep my style?  Yes!  THIS is the solution (I bet you had no idea I was headed in this directionJ).  Be sure and check out our spring colors!  They’re very hot and only available for a limited time.  Check it out at

The Joy In Starting Your Own Business...
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sometimes it’s better not to know what you don’t know.  A good example….starting a business.  My mom and I initially thought, “How fun!!  We can sell these little red sponges on the website and make some other related solution products.  This will be a lot of fun!!”  Not that we haven’t had some great times building Miss Oops, but we’ve also experienced some fairly disastrous times as well.  To summarize,  a few years ago we had partnered with another company that went bankrupt and then sued us.  That was fun.  Next, because of this, we had no inventory, no cash.  Lots of fun.  Then we finally got our inventory but everything was held up in customs.  Again, fun.  Needless to say, our customers understandably were not laughing.  This all took place a few years ago and luckily, we've recovered and are still in business in spite of ourselvesJ.  Thank God our customers were willing to ride through the storm with us.  I was thinking about all this yesterday because a friend of mine has started a business called PocketFlops (  She was sharing with me some of the trials and tribulations she’s been experiencing while building her brand which made me think of my business.  Btw, thinking back on Miss Oops doesn’t just conjure up doom and gloom, I also think about the fun we’ve had creating products, coming up with names, and how fun it really is to sell.  Despite the pain, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  It’s kind of the same as having kids….it’s probably best that you don’t know what you don’t know when you’re diving in. J

An Original Poem for You...
Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Born with baby hands, so fresh and young

Play outside exploring all kinds of fun

Then as a kid my precious hands

Helped me ride a bike, shoot hoops, and rock in a band.

Now I’m grown and my hands are still in use

They’re wonderful but the sunspots look like poo

What to do?  What to do?

Who is my go-to-girl when I need a problem solved?

Reach out to Miss Oops and get her involved!

I tell her my problem she says “have no fear!

I have the solution to dry up your tears.”

Then she reached into her beauty bag full of treats

Pulled out Butter Hands and I said “that looks neat!”

A concoction of essential fatty acids and kokum butter

Anti-oxidant packed, so good I shudder. 

A hand cream to help oxygenate my cells?

Are you serious?  What the h*&@!!

And to top it off, SPF 30

I better get some in a hurry!

Don’t believe this?  Check it out for yourself

Miss Oops is here to help!

Going Once...Twice...Sold!!!
Monday, May 23, 2011

We generally offer one internet special a month at  This month it’s been 40% off Pedicure In a Bottle (sale end this week, so get some at  This offer has created one of our top selling months and we’ve received some fantastic feedback from our customers!!  Of course we love this….our customers know they are free to share the good, bad, and the ugly with us.  Our ultimate goal is their satisfaction.  It’s a great feeling knowing we have a product that has really helped thousands of sufferers of Damn Ugly Feet Disorder (commonly referred to as DUFD).  As many of you know, my mom is the inspiration behind this product.  And now her feet are so beautiful thanks to Pedicure In a Bottle, she literally gets stopped on the street by people wanting to take pictures of the Most Beautiful Feet ever.  Her feet are overcome with emotion….constantly tap dancing, which has been slightly irritating for my mother.  But nonetheless, she is happy they (her feet) are happy.  Be sure and get your Happy Feet by ordering Pedicure In a Bottle at on sale through the end of this week!!

Making "Post -Divorce Peace" Possible
Sunday, May 22, 2011

My 9-year old, Sam, had his first track meet yesterday so Brendan (my ex-husband) and I met up at the field to watch him.  We were sitting in the bleachers with my friend, Sloan, and her ex-husband, Chris.  We were talking about our kids and laughing over some old stories from years ago.  Later, Sloan and I were talking about how bizarre it was to see two divorced couples sitting together, getting along, and how completely different that was from the generation of our parent’s divorces.  While there are some of my friends’ parents whose relationship with their spouse, post-divorce remained amicable, most did not.  I remember friends of mine telling me how some of their parents would bash each other to the kids.   Understandably, my friends hated that.  I think because of this, people who divorce with young kids these days, really try to make the “post-divorce scenario” as pleasant as possible for the sake of their children.   Not that that wasn’t a concern for the generation before us, but today’s generation seems to have learned from the past about how strain between mom and dad after a divorce can still  cause pain for kids—even when they’re grown ups.   Brendan and I divorced with reason.  It wasn’t a situation of one of us simply not being happy anymore.  I won’t bash my ex and I’m sure it’s fair to say we both caused our own share of problems in the marriage.  But there was a time when I was really in love with him.  We have two of the most amazing boys ever.  I can’t see myself hating a man I loved so much and who gave me the two most important people in my life.  After we duked it out during the divorce, we both decided the past was the past, and the boys were still our future.  We genuinely try (but not always successfully) to remember the past as “water under the bridge.”  We still have our moments of disagreements, no doubt.  But I actually do like my ex-husband.  He’s probably the funniest person I’ve ever met.  I know Sloan feels similar about her ex, Chris.  And while divorce is the pits, it’s nice to see when exes can come together for their kids.  It’s so unbelievably important.  Jack and Sam know they don’t have a shot at playing Brendan and I against each otherJ.  They know we talk, text, and email about the boys pretty much every day.  They are not allowed to disrespect either of us.  We back each other up when it comes to expectations and discipline of the boys.  As far as they are concerned, we are a united front.  And I believe the boys  feel more secure because of this.  I’m always sad to see people divorce, families split up.  It’s very depressing.  But I’m happy to see divorced couples making the effort to create a sound and peaceful environment for the kids moving forward. 




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